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The story of the formation of Tport
Sales channel management in the hotel industry

When we wanted to book a hotel for colleagues, we constantly faced different problems. First of all, we were facing the problem of booking a hotel during non-working hours. This problem arose due to the time limit in the hotel reservation department and the impossibility of online booking through an integrated system. When our meetings continued late, hotel reservations were postponed until the next day due to these restrictions. Obviously, if the next day was Thursday, Friday or a holiday, the hotel reservation would be postponed to the next working day.

It was here that we worked with a number of colleagues to solve this problem!

The mentioned problems were solved at that time in other countries by channel managers or distribution channels. Our research showed that in Iran, a number of companies had tried to set up an active channel manager in the past; Of course, they either failed to do so, or had a very small share of the market. The main problem was in the general culture of travel and the rules governing hotels and travel service offices that made this difficult. Domestic hotel software had done less work in this field and foreign samples were also expensive. Also, OTAs, by setting up road panels, were able to bring a number of hotels online; But this made it difficult for hotels and it was not economical for many small hotels.

As a result, with various island efforts; Only a limited number of accommodation facilities such as expensive 4 or 5 star hotels had gone online and practically the needs of a large part of the society had not been solved.

We looked at all the experiences others had; We separated the strengths and weaknesses of each; We put everything together and put our efforts to activate the online reservation infrastructure of domestic hotels. We have now combined the services provided by our predecessors with a dash of innovation to create a harmonious collection of services. Teeport has localized the possibility of online booking of hotels and accommodation centers in the country with the conditions governing the country’s tourism. TPORT has come to online the road and price management of accommodation centers in different ways and help travel service offices to easily provide hotel reservation services to their customers. With Teeport, accommodation centers and travel agencies don’t have to worry about price competition with reservation systems and websites. Also, hotel reservation sites and CRSs provide hotel reservation services to their customers easily and online with the help of Teeport.

High speed
The possibility of booking in the shortest time
Diversity in elections
Search for a hotel with the desired facilities
The possibility of comparison
View prices and compare costs
Change or cancel
Guest feedback
Search for a hotel with the desired facilities
Technical support
Support in case of errors and problems
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The services we provide

This is the story of the formation of Teeport, the result of which is an interface system between accommodations and the reservation website. Teeport offers the following facilities to passengers by providing smart solutions:

  • The possibility of online booking of accommodations by connecting to the hotel’s front office software (PMS)
  • اThe possibility of online booking of accommodations through the accommodation and hotel reservation panel
  • Online reservation panel for accommodations for domestic and foreign travel service offices
  • Providing online hotel reservation web service
  • Online road or online reservation
  • The possibility of multi-rate pricing

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Providing services

Providing services with spices of innovation

Providing services with spices of innovation

Providing services with spices of innovation 86%
reduction in costs 90%
Innovation 75%
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