Tport will be attending this exhibition to introduce and promote the number of hotels and agencies that have registered with this channel manager. An increase in the number of hotels and agencies that have joined the Tport system will make it more professional. Hotels and agencies will have more choices to provide services and will make more money.
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Tport attendance in The first symposium of one hundred years of Iranian tourism, with the existence of Ezzatollah Zarghami (Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism) and Dr. Shalbafian (Deputy of Tourism and Trade)
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Tport attendance with Demis's investment in 2022 startup Weekend , as a sponsor. Top startup ideas, including tourism, were introduced in this event.
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Tport attendance in 15th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition and Related Industries 2022 ,in this event Tportt will provide additional information about its hotels and agency services.
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