Residence Pannel

Teport is a suitable answer for accommodations without active hotel software

“Accommodation center panel” is for those accommodations whose hotel management software (PMS) is not connected to TPORT through the web service. To solve this problem, it is possible to manage the road and pricing in real time through the “Teport user panel”. If you want to sell services as a package, you can define and manage various sales rates, from single accommodation to full-board accommodation. Also, you can determine regular customers and define their commission and credit based on your contract.

For ease of use, it is possible to install the application “Teport Accommodation Centers Panel” on a smart phone. Using this app, you can manage the hotel at any place and time. The relevant personnel, such as the reservation department, can be available at any moment and follow up their duties outside the hotel. Also, this panel has made it possible for the employees of both sides to work remotely in critical situations, such as the occurrence of epidemic diseases or exposure to special conditions.

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Features panel

Features of the panel of Tport accommodation centers

Advantages of the panel

Advantages of using the Residence center panel

Integration of reservation operations

easy access

Reducing the cost of managing reservations

Price management and equalization of prices

About Tport

Channel manager Tport has been formed with the aim of reducing accommodation reservation costs, increasing the number of reservations and speeding up the reservation process.This platform will establish a unified communica between accommodations and tourism agencies (online and offline)

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