White Label Hotel

Boost sales with the most optimal white label hotel

Since most hotels do not traditionally have a dedicated website, Tport lets them promote their business online using the hotel’s white label.

White label hotel is a ready-made template available to hotels without an online booking website. These websites have several examples of ready-made templates that the hotel can choose and activate the desired site within a few hours. On these websites, it is possible to make an online reservation and instant payment to the hotel account by default. Hotels that want to use White Label All they have to do is send a request, and after Tport approves the request, the required information will appear on the hotel’s white label.

رزرو کاملا آنلاین هتل
Panel Features

White-label hotel features

The benefits of Tport White Label hotel

Quick launch of the property's website or activation of the online booking section

Fast website launch with a ready template.

Saving time and cost of product development and coding

Lower cost (due to the serverless services)

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