travel agency offices

Entirely online dealings of travel agency offices and properties with Tport.

The most significant concern in travel agency offices is booking hotels online, with reasonable and competitive prices and commissions.TPORT has solved this matter by providing a “panel of travel agency offices”; In this way, you can offer the most suitable option to your in-person traveler among hundreds of hotels.

In addition, the payment method is the same as usual, and you are not required to pay online at the time of reservation; Rather, you can interact with the hotel in the same way you worked with the hotel in the past.

You can offer the best choice to your passenger by employing various filters and informing the customer of the capacity and final price.

پنل خدمات مسافرتی
Panel features

Features of travel service offices panel

Panel's Benefits

Travel Agency offices

Provide all reservation records

more speed in providing better services to passengers

No essential efforts for travel agency offices to contract and negotiate directly with accommodations

About Tport
  1. Channel manager Tport has been formed with the aim of reducing accommodation reservation costs, increasing the number of reservations and speeding up the reservation process.This platform will establish a unified communica between accommodations and tourism agencies (online and offline)

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