The first national symposium of one hundred years of tourism

ran’s 100th National Tourism Symposium was held with the formation of 13 specialized working groups in different fields of travel services on October 27th and 28th of last year. participated

The main topics of this symposium are one hundred years of tourism

  • Travel and transportation
  • Accommodation and hospitality
  • Tourist attractions and destinations
  • Online tourism services
  • Travel and tourism services

The purpose of holding the symposium of 100 years of tourism in Iran 1400

In this symposium, Ezzatullah Zarghami (Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism), Mr. Shalbafian (Deputy Minister of Commercial Tourism) and other officials and trustees of private sector tourism were present. In this event, the influencing factors, opportunities and threats in the field of tourism were examined. took

The date of the One Hundred Years Tourism Symposium was held in 1400

One Hundred Years of Tourism Symposium 1400 was held on October 27-28 to analyze and review the historical course and developments of the tourism and transportation industry in the 14th century.