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The 15th International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries 1400

Channel Manager Tiport is an integrated and completely online platform that establishes communication between hotels and tourism agencies and is connected to the Hotel Management System (PMS) for real-time information updates. By using Tport Channel Manager, agencies can view all types of accommodations in the country along with facilities, pictures, prices, remaining capacity, etc., and book the desired room completely online depending on the customer’s choice. It should be mentioned that among several companies active in the field of tourism, the name of Teeport as the best channel manager in the international tourism exhibition was well received.

معرفی چنل منیجر در نمایشگاه گردشگری اصفهان
virtual exhibition

Tport's presence at the 15th exhibition Virtual Tourism

Tport is a system for managing the reservation of accommodation centers. This system is adapted for managers of accommodation centers and agencies. If you are a hotel or agency manager and cannot physically attend the Teaport exhibition, you can enter our virtual exhibition through the link. We will host you at Teeport’s online booth for 3 months from February 9, 1400.

The 15th International Tourism Exhibition

and affiliated industries of Tehran 1400

سامانه تیپورت

Tport provides technology and tourism solutions at the 1400 tourism exhibition

Get more intelligent information for the development of your hotel or agency in the Teeport virtual booth.

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In order to clarify its services for hotels and agencies, Teeport will provide you with additional explanations during the exhibition