Services of traditional residences

The experience of increasing the sales of your traditional residences

TPORT’s sales channel management system (TPORT) increases the scope of service distribution and increases the reservation of the desired traditional accommodation. If you don’t have a sales management software or your hotel management software can’t connect to the TPORT web service; Teeport panel is the best choice. You can manage things related to accommodation by using the “Tiport accommodation panel” which is easily accessible from a smartphone. With the sales channel of Teeport, the sale of traditional residences will increase. Due to the fact that the agency panel is online and connected to foreign exchange portals, reservations by foreign travelers are also possible. By using the TPORT sales channel management system, you will have complete reservation and price management for free. In this system, you will be able to determine the amount of access and reservation with any number and conditions and finally assign it to the sales channel. Obviously, customers with experience can make a reservation with the same conditions as before.

Other TPORT sales channel management services for traditional residences will be tracking, managing and collecting accommodation claims from the agency; that before the arrival of the passenger, payment items and accommodation costs are tracked.

افزایش فروش اقامتگاه‌های سنتی با استفاده از پنل مراکز اقامتی تیپورت
اقامتگاه های سنتی

Tport will stabilize and increase your customers with three general methods:

  • The possibility of selling through the reservation network to domestic and foreign travel service offices
  • The possibility of making a reservation by providing a web service to OTAs and domestic and foreign reservation websites
  • The possibility of making a reservation through the hotel’s own website or the reservation subdomain (for traditional accommodations that have a website)
System features

Features of the TPORT HOTEL CHANNEL MANAGER system

Startup speed
Startup speed

Set up the system in a few hours

Connecting the hotel PMS to the reservation core
Connecting the hotel PMS to the reservation core

The possibility of connecting hotel software to the core of reservation and real-time online management

Setting up a reservation website
Setting up a reservation website

The possibility of setting up a multilingual hotel reservation website in a few hours

چنل منیجر تیپورت
Easy management of accommodation sales
Easy management of accommodation sales

Consolidation of sales for all or part of accommodation rooms

Manage rates
Manage rates

Rate management in service type and working season

Providing a panel of accommodation centers
Providing a panel of accommodation centers

Providing a panel for accommodation without your active hotel software

Advantages of the system

Advantages of using the TPORT HOTEL CHANNEL MANAGER system

Increasing income and sales of traditional residences

Possibility of online reservation with instant payment

Integration of the sales platform

Dollar sales for booking foreign travelers

Instant support

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About Tport

Channel manager Tport has been formed with the aim of reducing accommodation reservation costs, increasing the number of reservations and speeding up the reservation process.This platform will establish a unified communica between accommodations and tourism agencies (online and offline)

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