Tport introduction conference in Isfahan

Tport conference for hotels and agencies in Isfahan
Hotels and travel agencies are facing problems such as hotel reservations during non-working hours, hotel reservation websites or other reservations not being online. On the other hand, when customers visit travel agencies in person, there was no online information for quick booking; So the agencies also had to follow the same telephone route. Also, these agencies were not able to offer low rates (like hotel reservation sites). in some cases; The existence of hotel guarantees would increase the price instantly. This problem becomes more complicated when the prices change from the time the price is announced until the purchase permission is received from the management, which makes the reservation process more difficult and long.
همایش چنل منیجر تیپورت در هتل آُسمان
همایش چنل منیجر تیپورت

The big conference of managers of hotels and travel agencies With the approach of solving hotel reservation problems

Tport decided to hold this event in Isfahan with the approach of solving problems and problems of hotels and agencies and integrating communication between these two communities.

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Event date


Event time

8:30 / 13:00

Event Place

Asman Hotel, Rainbow Hall

hall capacity

250 peaple

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Event sponsor

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Isfahan conference event

Lectures of the Tport Conference at Asman Hotel in Isfahan

همایش معرفی چنل منیجر تیپورت-سخنرانی جناب دکتر ایزدی
همایش معرفی چنل منیجر تیپورت-جناب اقای نجمی جامعه هتلداران
همایش معرفی چنل منیجر تیپورت- سخنرانی آقای وکیلی رئیس توسعه گردشگری
همایش معرفی چنل منیجر تیپورت- سخنرانی جناب مهندس حکمیون
همایش معرفی چنل منیجر تیپورت -سخنرانی آقای سقایی
همایش معرفی چنل منیجر تیپورت- سخنرانی دکتر رفتاری و سرکار خانم مهندس الهی