Tport videos in Isfahan tourism exhibition

Unveiling of the Tiport tour service at the Isfahan tourism exhibition

At the 12th Isfahan tourism exhibition, Teeport unveiled its tour service, which is completely online and interactive.

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Dr. Seyed Reza Mortazavi, governor of Isfahan, visited the Tport booth

In the 4th Isfahan tourism exhibition, Isfahan Governor Mr. Seyyed Reza Mortazavi along with Dr. Izadi visited the Tport booth.

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The members of the hoteliers’ community visited the Tport booth at the Isfahan tourism exhibition

On the fourth day of the Isfahan tourism fair, members of the Iranian hoteliers’ society and their companions visited the Tport booth.

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Dr. Izadi’s visit to the Teaport booth at the Isfahan Tourism Fair

On the second day of the tourism exhibition, Mr. Dr. Izadi, Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, visited the booth and signed the commemorative plaque.

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Tport videos at the Mashhad flight tourism conference

Introducing the Tport channel manager in flight tourism

In this conference, Teeport was able to introduce Channel Manager to the community of its audience who attended this conference with a joint presentation made by Mr. Behbari, the executive director of Teeport, and Mr. Karkhanem Elahi, sales and marketing manager.

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Plaque presentation ceremony at Mashhad flight tourism conference

At the flight tourism conference, Ratin Advertising Agency and Melka Group gave plaques to Mr. Dr. Behabhari, Executive Director of Teeport and Sir Karkhaneh Elahi, Sales and Marketing Manager.

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Tport videos at the Isfahan Teaport presentation conference

Tport channel manager introduction conference in Isfahan (Part 1)

With the approach of solving the problems and problems of hotels and agencies and integrating the communication between these two communities, Teeport held a conference to introduce its channel manager in Isfahan province on 21/May/1401.

Tport channel manager introduction conference in Isfahan (part 2)

In this conference, the hoteliers and agency owners of Isfahan got to know more about Teeport business and decided to join the system to solve their challenges.

Tport channel manager introduction conference in Isfahan (part 3)

In this conference, hoteliers and agency owners raised their questions and put an end to their mental doubts about Tport Channel Manager.

Tport videos in Tehran tourism exhibition

Tport’s presence at the Tehran tourism exhibition

Teeport’s presence in the 15th International Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition, in this event Teeport will provide additional information about its hotel and agency services.

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